Elephant Safari on Kerala

I am with those farmers who struggle to take care of their farm from wild animals. The Hippocrates who cry about the elephant, asking for punishing and even some say to punish them like how the elephant got killed are nothing less than a terrorist who is talking about killing poor farmers.

I am also very sad about the poor pregnant animal but it was not a deliberate attempt to kill. It is very important to understand the context as context is the only thing that defines truth about incidents. I do not believe in any absolute truth as none what so ever exists.

So listen you rich filmy and other worldly people and also to the Kerala haters of North India, understand the reality. Do not thing, all are idiots like you who exploit the the opportunity to get more fame by spreading hatred against a state who stands among top states in India but act as responsible citizens. WE KNOW YOU VERY WELL and I would like to say that Ignorance is not the solution for your own incapability to understand facts. Do not just sit in your luxury homes, needing 10 servants to clean up your own mess, crying to save Animals but get out of your bungalow and understand how you can grow a small veggie or learn how farmers does that. Learn to respect human being and support them. Undoubtedly you say all these because, so far you have not tried elephant meat but cry about this story holding goat, lamp or chicken pieces killing poor people in the name of politics and religion worshiping another animal, the so called cow which I call beef.

So stop this bullshit and drama and come into the reality. Come out of the blue bird concept into the reality and wonder who serves you that delicious food.

ഓറ്ക്കുക: നമുക്കു നാമേ പണിവതു നാകം നരകവുമതുപോലെ

Software Architect മായം ഇല്ലാതെ ഉള്ളത് ഞാൻ അങ്ങ് പറയും എഴുതും 100% You Judge me or not, I don't care

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