Peace, Let there be a kids park in Ayodhya

People forget the fact that the 130 crore they are talking about includes kids who are going to contribute to the future of India. More than India, we are more global than local which this covid19 pandemic already proved.   When its about religious institutions and when you say, thats all what matters to you, it is a wrong message.   Disputes on places of worship and methods of worship are against freedom and humanity. When you stand on one side, it makes no sense to me at all. It is not just right and so why don’t we do something thats for all?

I stand to convert any disputed land whether its about Ayodhya or any mosque, temple, church or any place of religious worship, when it gets into any sort of disputes, convert it to a kids park and open it for all to enjoy it. Let our kids have fun, grow together, let people relax and enjoy fresh air and let that be the way we solve such problems. The future generation and we all should have the freedom to think openly than tied up in religious concepts, freedom to breath fresh air and freedom of our kids to live a safe life of joy irrespective of the religion and its insecurities to stand together fighting against the problems humanity faces rather than being proud in or out of that 130 crores. I do not feel good even talking about and being on any side of a religious issue. Its stupidity.   So call for clearing that land to convert to a great park for everyone to enjoy.

I AM IN FOR NO TEMPLE OR NO MOSQUE BUT A KIDS PARK.   Last but not least, Shame on you Mr Modi. Being the prime minister of India, you are standing on one side of a religious nonsense problem that too claiming the whole of India is with you. You are not India, you are just a PM who is supposed to serve the people of India though its unfortunate that the people and your gang thinks opposite, that you are their savior and whole of India is there to praise and please you. Shame on you Mr Modi. #iaminfornotempleormosquebutkidspark

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